Angola detains Gambians for deportation — source

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By Omar Bah

Scores of undocumented Gambians residing in Angola are reported to have been arrested by the Angolan immigration department and are awaiting deportation.
“I can confirm to you that scores of Gambians are currently under detention by the Angolan immigration and according to information I gathered, they are asked to pay a certain amount of money before they will be deported back to the Gambia,” Mamudou Konteh, a Gambian residing in Luanda told Paradise FM yesterday.
According to Konteh, the Angolan authorities are refusing to negotiate over the said deportation.

He said the immigration officers are refusing to compromise with Gambians residing in Angola after they reportedly had a bitter verbal argument with the Gambian Consul.
The Standard last night asked communication officer at MOFA Saikou Cessay who said they have not got such news so far but will draw the attention of the appropriate authorities to the report.

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