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Mechanic looking for car ‘rented to December 30th coupist’

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By Alagie Manneh

Amadou Ceesay, a mechanic in Bakau who claimed he rented his car to one of the December 30th 2014 attackers on State House, is still looking for his Mitsubishi car last seen at the former NIA office in Banjul.
In 2014, Ceesay said he rented a Mitsubishi car worth D250, 000 through his friend to one Alagie Jaja Nyass, a member of the December attackers without knowing hiaactions who died in the attack.
Following the failed coup, Ceesay said he called his friend who introduced Nyass to him and told him two days have now passed and he still didn’t get his car back. He said the friend accompanied him to Nyass’ home to inquire.

He said after explaining how he rented the car to Nyassi, the mother of Nyassi told him and his friend that her son had traveled out of the country.
“We also went to Banjul terminal police and reported the matter. I sat for days and did not hear anything,” he said.

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Ceesay said he continued his search by informing one of his customers- one Omar- who identified himself as an NIA officer and would always bring his car for check-up at the mechanic workshop.
“When I explained everything to this Omar, he instantly arrested me and my friend Yankuba and took us to the NIA headquarters. We were asked to sit and 30 minutes later they took away my friend. I have no idea what they did to him and I only saw him after my release. I spent over three weeks at the NIA. Upon my release, one NIA officer instructed me to bring him my car papers after which he asked me to leave. When I returned sometime later to enquire about my car, I was told my car wasn’t there. I told them my car was with the late Alagie Nyass, and they insisted it wasn’t there,” he narrated.

Ceeesay explained after the change of government he went back to the NIA, now SIS, to enquire.
“Weeks after weeks, they told me my car or its documents are not there. They told me they have no idea where the car is,” he added.
Since then, Ceesay said the fate of his car remains a mystery. He is now calling on the new SIS authorities to help find his car.

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