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‘APRC must clean itself before any alliance with UDP’

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By Amadou M Jadama

Foday Gassama, the UDP regional coordinator for West Coast Region, has said he agrees Yankuba Colley when he said APRC and UDP can never be in a coalition.
Speaking to The Standard, Gassama said the former KM mayor however fell short of explaining the reason.
“I want to tell him that he and his APRC party must first clean themselves from the sins of two decades of destruction and tyranny.

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“UDP cannot make an alliance with APRC because they are not clean. Yankuba Colley should even be prosecuted because of the role he and others played in the post December 2016 election when he led APRC people to go to court in an attempt to subvert the verdict of the Gambian people in addition to supporting the treasonable position that there will be now inauguration,” he said.

“Colley and his APRC top brass also prepared documents and sent it to their rubber-stamped National Assembly to declare a state of emergency,” he added.
Gassama said it was the UDP who led the struggle to free Gambia from tyranny and should be respected as such.

“And let me put it to Yankuba that contrary to his illusive dream, he will never see an APRC Government in this country again because Gambians will never allow dictatorship,” Gassama concluded.

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