Soldiers to get back their transport allowances


By Omar Bah

The public relations officer of the Gambia Armed Forces has revealed that all soldiers posted in the provinces whose transport allowances were deducted as part of the General Order, will be paid back their allowances after consultation with ministry of finance.

According to Major Lamin Sanyang, the Gambia Government is implementing the General Order, which stipulates that if you are posted in the provinces you are entitled to a provincial allowance whereas those in the urban area, are entitled to a transport allowance but one cannot have both.


“That is why soldiers posted in the provinces have their transport allowances deducted this month. However the Army has a term and condition of services, which stipulates that transport allowance should be paid to soldiers across the country where ever they may be posted. This term and condition is an act of parliament and when this was pointed out to the Ministry of Finance, it automatically understands the law and draws a chegue for the affected soldiers to be refunded their deduction and that process has started,” Major Sanyang said.