By Omar Bah

The national youth mobiliser of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress has accused the Coalition Government of selective justice in the way they handled the post-election violence in Jimara where GDC party’s militants were dragged to court.
Speaking to The Standard, MC Cham Jr said the government should demonstrate the spirit of reconciliation and stop the prosecution of GDC militants which according to him, only reminds people of the Jammeh dictatorship.

Cham said the post-election violence that happened in Jimara is not different from what happened in Busumbala, Mankamang Kunda and more recently at Fabakary Tombong Jatta’s house, but nobody was arrested or charged over those incidents.


“And as far as the GDC is concerned, the decision to prosecute our militants is selective justice and we call on the government to avoid anything that will liken them to the Jammeh era. Gambians voted to end these types of suppressions against dissent and legitimate political opposition. The government should understand that the arrest of political rivals won’t win them any popularity,” Cham said.

The GDC youth mobiliser said such cheap behaviours, citing the Vice President’s calling for Gambians to welcome President Barrow from his trip to Belgium, as an indication that this government is no different from that of Jammeh who prided in using such events as cheap propaganda.

”It is time Gambians acted as statesmen and women and not like politicians in everything we do. We should take advantage of the opportunity that is prevailing to cement our democracy,” he added.
On the 1.45 billion Euros pledged by international community to boost the country’s economy, MC Cham said there is no doubt Gambians are grateful for the assistance. “But we need to be eternally vigilant henceforth and put our government to account.

“Government also should be realistic and tell Gambians not to be over excited because these are just pledges so far,” he concluded.