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April 10/11: ‘Education ministry did not do anything about the raped student’

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Omar Joof, former president of Gambia Students’ Union, at the time of April 10/11 student demonstrations, has yesterday told the truth commission that the education ministry did not do anything about the rape of Binta Manneh.

He said upon hearing Binta’s rape, he held a meeting with Dr. Jah, chief educationist and Hassoum Jobe, who told him they were already aware of the incident.

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He said all three of them visited the hospital but were told the girl was released. He said a nurse confirmed to them that Binta was actually raped.

He said at Bakau police station there was no case file open, but an identification committee was being prepared.

He said he took Binta to his house and the teacher where his mother took care of her onthe permission of the education officials he was with.

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He said even after the case file was open, they were never allowed access.

He said from this point the police started dragging their feet on the case and did not prepare the identification parade in the same week as promised.

The parade was conducted after the Eid holidays. He said he urged the police not to end their investigations.

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