Artenola launches album Saturday


In a chat with The Standard Entertainment, the top Gambian singer explained that his latest music project constitutes 12 tracks while promising that his fans won’t be disappointed.

“Let them expect a classic album that fits all generations and one of the best albums The Gambia has ever produced in its history. I will be backed by other prominent Gambian artistes to make the show a wonderful experience for all. I am calling on all to come to Alliance and look forward to a good experience because I am prepared for the big day. I got one international collaboration featuring Aminata Baldeh a Sweden-born Gambian artiste among others based in The Gambia.”

The young musician who specialises in the rap-mbalax genre said he has been holding a series of radio shows to apprise fans of what is to come at the weekend when divergent roads shall without fail lead to Alliance along Kairaba Avenue.