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Awa, 21, seeks urgent overseas treatment as she battles heart problem

Awa Ceesay, a 21-year-old young lady has been in excruciating pain as she continuously grapples with a congenital heart disease.
According to Awa’s medical report from Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, she is suffering intermittent episodes exersional dyspnoea, bilateral pedal oedema, weakness and cough since childhood.
Speaking to The Standard Modou Ceesay, Awa’s brother, said her sister is in great pain and each time she gets upset or tired, she collapses and can’t eat enough food.

“The worst part is that doctors said she can’t get married because when she gets pregnant, she could easily lose her life,” Modou said.
Anyone willing to help save Awa’s life can contact her brother on 7060306/3151783

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