Banta Keita’s wife accuses DLEAG of trespass, harassment


By Bruce Asemota

Dulce Monteiro Tarvares Keita, the wife of fugitive suspected cocaine importer Banta Keita, has filed a suit before the High Court in Banjul seeking an order directed at the Drug Law Enforcement Agency Gambia (DLEAG) to unconditionally release, desist from and cease all acts of trespass, harassment and intimidation on her.

Dulce Monteiro Tarvares is also seeking a declaration that the continued visits, intrusions into her house and apartment in Fajara are gross violations and infringement of her rights.


In her suit filed, Madam Keita disclosed that since the 8th January, 2021, officers and men from DLEAG have visited her house in Fajara looking for her husband, conducting searches, making video recordings and taking inventories.

She further disclosed that in January 2021, she was taken away together with her daughter, three-and-a-half-year-old baby, her watchman, Buba Pleya, cook, one Joel and a nanny and baby sitter, Elizabeth Jammeh to the premises of the DLEAG in Bijilo.

She further alleged that the officers took away her mobile phone, iPhone Pro Max and the telephones of the watchman, the cook, the nanny and baby sitter and her mother-in-law, Aminata Diaby.

She explained that the officers demanded her passport which she handed to them, as well as the passport and the identity documents of her mother-in-law.

She revealed that she was subsequently released after the intervention of her solicitor who picked her up from Bijilo around midnight, but her phones were only given back to her after several weeks and many request by her solicitor.

Madam Keita disclosed that the officers of DLEAG have continually visited her house and apartment in Fajara, trespassed, intimidated and harassed her and made her feel very worried, afraid and made her feel like a criminal.

She therefore wants the High Court to make a declaration that the act of the DLEAG is a gross violation of her rights.