Police chief orders full protection of border village affected by violence


By Tabora Bojang

Assistant Inspector General of Police, Landing Bojang has urged security forces in Kaur and surroundings to fully implement their mandate and protect the Gambian side of Kerr Mot Ali village, which was the scene of arson and tension on Saturday when their siblings from Senegal invaded the settlement.

Reports said the people who crossed from Senegalese side of the border are Gambians who were banished from the country by former tyrant Yahya Jammeh who disapproved of their brand of worshipping. They reportedly wanted to come back but met resistance from their kinsmen on the Gambians’ side of the border who accused the invaders of burning their houses. Addressing Gambian security deployed to the area in a viral video shared online, AIG Bojang reminded them to secure their side of the border, saying that anyone who wants to claim the land must follow the law.


He added henceforth security in the area must be fully enforced to ensure that the villagers sleep in peace.

”Even if it requires us to move your base from Kaur to here, we will do it to protect the integrity of our soil and to make sure nobody comes and commits a crime here and goes back,” he told the security officers.  He lamented the lack of cooperation from the other side and reminded the security that it is their duty to protect people to make so this does not happen again. “That is why I crossed from Banjul to here and when I go back, we will sit and I will advise the government and we will tell them what is happening on the ground,” Landing Bojang said.