Rights commission demands full implementation of TRRC report


By Alagie Manneh

The National Human Rights Commission has called for the full implementation of the recommendations of the truth commission. The commission made this call in its annual State of Human Rights report published yesterday.

The Commission is required by Section 33(2) (a) and (b) of the NHRC Act 2017 to submit an annual State of Human Rights Report to the National Assembly.


This year’s report documents the State’s compliance with the human rights treaties it has ratified, the 1997 Constitution and other domestic legislations and the steps taken to protect and fulfil fundamental human rights and freedoms, as well as human rights complaints received by the commission and actions taken.

The report noted the role of the NHRC in the monitoring of the recommendations, recognised and referred to as ‘the natural body to monitor implementation of the TRRC recommendations to ensure that Never Again in the history of The Gambia will such human rights violations and abuses occur’.

“Following the submission, it now behoves the Government to review these findings and implement the recommendations. The NHRC recognises the reassurance by the Government through the Minister of Justice that victims will be availed of justice and perpetrators bearing the greatest responsibility prosecuted. The NHRC reiterates the need for the Government to holistically implement the recommendations of the report, for justice to be served and for victims to receive reparations where recommended,” the detailed 60-page document stated.

It then urged the government to “popularize” the TRRC recommendations across the country among women, children, and youth. “Develop a roadmap for the implementation of the TRRC recommendations, [and] liaise with stakeholders in the implementation of the recommendations,” it recommended.