Alagie Conteh, the managing director of Dabanani Electrical Company has stated that contrary to widespread comments being peddled on social media, he supports President Barrow, his government and the National People’s Party.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday in his office, Mr Conteh asserted: “I have been made aware of these false statements and I want to clear the air by stating that I am not the person who would say one thing and do another. I came out publicly [on February 8] on my own accord without being put under duress and stated that I am now a supporter of President Adama Barrow, his government and his party, the NPP. Nothing has changed in this regard. So any statement to the contrary being peddled by anyone else is baseless.”

Mr Conteh was a former key financier of the opposition United Democratic Party.  His relationship with President Barrow and the ruling NPP degenerated to a point where the president issued an executive directive instructing all government agencies not to work with his company or its proxies. Agents of the state also ordered a local bank to freeze his business account. But following interventions from several quarters, Mr Conteh reconciled with the president and the sanctions imposed on his engagements with the government were lifted.


However, over the past week, several statements were made on social media forums by a few supporters of the president’s party, alleging that Mr Conteh’s public declaration of support for President Barrow and his NPP was a subterfuge and that in fact he remains the chief financier of the UDP and played a principal role in the defeat of NPP candidates in the last National Assembly elections in the Kombos and beyond.

In refuting these claims, Mr Conteh clarified: “These claims are totally false. I am not a supporter of the UDP and I do not give money to the party. In fact, I am no longer involved in politics. I am focused on my business. I announced to the whole world that I support the president, his government and his party. I believe that is the best way to help the development of the country.”