Barrow: I will not go into exile after presidency


By Tabora Bojang

President Adama Barrow has said unlike his predecessors, he would not go into exile when he leaves office. 

The president said he would spend his post-presidential life in the country. Addressing meetings across Niani and Sabach Sanjal constituencies as part of his nationwide meet the people’s tour, President Adama Barrow went on to outline a picture of how he plans to spend his life when his presidency ends.  


“I don’t want to be a president for 30 or 20 years, because I am not a politician and had never worked in government until I became a president. God has chosen me to lead the country and I am a servant of the people who only came to fulfill a development mission and then graciously exit the political stage with a lasting legacy because presidency ends but legacy stays.

“I don’t want to go into exile but stay in the country and take pride in my development achievements and make room for new voices, preferably an NPP-groomed person who will learn the trade of seriousness and national development to continue from where I stopped,” he added. The president further pledged that the country under his rule would undergo “massive infrastructural, economic development in all sectors” adding that most of the ongoing government programmes were possible because the government was able to close all leakages and tightly manage the state coffers to bring development back to the people.

Barrow added that his development projects would make his successor’s job much harder since Gambians will put him or her to a greater challenge to imitate the development imprints of his administration.

The people of Niani have decried the poor state of their roads, health care, education, transportation and other perennial problems.

According to Niani NAM Alhagie Sillah, the deplorable transport and health challenges faced by his people have led to the demise of several women in labour.

He assured the president that if he provides the region with roads, eradicate health constraints, resolves communication and infrastructure he will be assured of their continuous support.

In response, President Barrow said the people of Niani have played a crucial role in his coming to power, stating the government will ensure it provides everything they were denied under the past regimes.