Barrow wears his own shirt!


Wow, such a powerful statement! President Barrow tells us that he wears his own shirt, and isn’t that good as not many of us has the same size as him in clothes? According to an article in this newspaper on Monday this week, President Barrow tells us that people will have fresh memories of his achievements when the election comes. He has been waiting for this long to do something of substance so people will remember it in December 2021 and vote for him and his party, NPP.

President Barrow seems to believe that the citizens of his country are idiots with a memory shorter than …….well, pick any imbecill you seem fit. Does Mr Barrow judge all people to be like him? I really hope that you all are on a higher level than our puppet president.


I know that the level of education is not that high in The Gambia, and that about 50% of the population are illiterate, but that doesn’t make you stupid. That only makes your life harder and your chances to succeed in life tougher – but not impossible.

President Barrow hasn’t done anything so far to improve your living conditions, and with YOU, I mean common people. Not the leeches who suck the blood out from Mother Gambia’s languishing body. Barrow is warning his opponents for an ”epic battle” in 2021. Did he come up with that tag himself? An ”epic battle”, my word! I bet he is standing in front of his mirror, trying different poses when he is repeating those two words to himself. I wonder which pose he will prefer? Will he ask his wives for their opinion, or any of his ministers?

Critics and opponents should go back to their drawing boards and tighten their belts, Barrow says. Thank God for trousers with elastic bands in the waist, because I wouldn’t get any air at all if I should tighten my belt. I am like the irritating mosquito President Barrow believed he had got rid of before he went to bed. As soon as he is trying to relax, he will hear my bzzzzzz…….somewhere near but not near enough to smack me. Sorry for that, Mr President (or not! ) but as long as you don’t do your job properly there will be a whole bunch of mosquitoes buzzing around you.

Cut from the article I am refering to:

”no one can claim ownership of the people who can go anywhere they want. Nobody owns anybody here. People are aware and they have common sense to know what will benefit them and what will not.”

This could be true, but said by Mr Barrow it’s only laughable. Does he really think that he has the whole population in his pocket? Why is he so keen of warning his opponents and critics, if it wasn’t for the fact that he fears them? Small dogs bark the loudest and sadly President Barrow is nothing but a lap dog to those who have the real power.

Another cut from the same article as above:

”Barrow said when his development projects are completed, there will be enough proof for the Gambian people, arguing that he is very confident that his work will speak for him and gain him greater trust and confidence of Gambians.”

Has President Barrow heard of the expression: Too little, too late? He has had plenty of time to accomplish a lot, but he has been too busy with starting his own party. Why should he care about the poor Gambians? In his mind you are just a bunch of silent sheep who can be pushed in one direction or the other.

I know I sound harsh when I say this, but you must wake up. Please, don’t allow Barrow to stay for another term! The Gambia will be raped by those who have granted huge loans. Loans you haven’t been informed about and no one has asked you if it is okay that every Gambian owns more than you will ever be able to pay back in a lifetime.

So what about President Barrow wears his own shirt? Well, that was his own word when he declared that people came from near and far to seek NPP because ”they had seen something.”

Seen what? Seen that it is easy to start your own party when you don’t have to pay the registration fee of 1.5 million dalasi with your own money. What kind of people is this party appealing to? Those who already have much and who are keen to keep it? I wouldn’t trust President Barrow to hold my dog’s leash, because if I turn around he would have sold it and placed the money in NPP’s bank account. Remember that President Barrow is first of all a businessman. Not in the big league, but anyway. A businessman breathes: ”What’s in it for me” as others breath air.

Please don’t be so desperate for change that you vote for the one who could have made that change, but didn’t! Achievements that President Barrow is bragging about are mostly projects that were planned before his term began. As everything goes so slowly in The Gambia, it is easy to claim that you are the one responsible for this or that project. People have forgotten where the whole thing started and when, so they gladly applaud the one who is so convinced of his own perfection. This is a sad fact, but it is human. What is not that human, though, is to use people’s living conditions for your own benefit. Crooks are many times patient, like vultures. They wait until their victim is either dead or too vulnerable to defend itself and so they feed themselves on the remains of someone’s life that is shattered.

How about another little cut from the same article as before:

”I know Gambians love the NPP and I want those in the party to open their arms for people to join them to build this country because whether we like it or not, this is our country and we should unite and build it together,” he (Barrow) added.

How can Barrow know that Gambians love the NPP? Has he spoken to anyone of you? Those who surround him on his tour around The Gambia love the free t-shirts they get. They love the food and the accomodation they don’t have to pay for. What’s not to love about a month traveling around in The Gambia? Such a nice vacation and all you have to do is to cheer and clap at the right places. Considering the hard times in The Gambia it is easy to convince hungry people to gather for a free meal. They have to pay with their attention, but that is a cheap price to pay when your stomach is full.

President Barrow says that he will hold his head high despite the growing number of candidates. He is sure that his great achievements will be remembered by the Gambians. Rest assured that that is not the only thing Gambians will remember. We still haven’t got any answers on where the 35 million dalasi came from in the First Lady’s account. Did you think we had forgotten that, Mr Barrow?