Barrow promises more democracy if re-elected

Barrow promises more democracy if re-elected


By Omar Bah

Thousands of NPP supporters have been turning up at NPP rallies as President Adama Barrow campaigns for re-election.

Speaking at a rally in Niani Palleli, the president stated: “I am the one who brought democracy in this country and that democracy would be stronger if I am re-elected in December. I will make sure that the foundation of democracy is even stronger. This is why we have licensed 40 radio stations, six television stations and the social media platforms. The Gambians wanted democracy and I brought them that democracy. I can say our democracy is even stronger than the American democracy. You say things here, if you say them in the US you will sleep in jail.”


At another rally in Kaur he lamented that his grand development plan for the country has been sabotaged by elements of officialdom in his government who do not want him to succeed.

“For over fifty years, The Gambia couldn’t use its own money to construct roads. I am the one who made it happen within four years. I want to tell Gambians that I owe them gratitude for voting for me. I am the only candidate who will account to the Gambian people and I am happy to say that if the country doesn’t owe me I will not owe the country. If you re-elect me, I commit to you that I will bring you unprecedented development that no other president had managed in the history of the country,” he said.


President Barrow has renewed his attack on his political godfather Ousainu Darboe saying the UDP is followed by “so-called educated” people who cannot find jobs or even fend for themselves.

He went on: “There is a group of angry people led by my father. You must be careful of that group because nobody will give a country to angry people. Whenever you see my father talking, he is angry but I always tell them that they can own their party but not the people. They used to say I don’t have support but now they now know that I have support.

“My father is followed by educated people who cannot even create jobs for themselves but they are pushing my father for their own interest but I will retire my father and send him back to Dobo to serve as caliph because that is the right job for him after finishing the Qur’an on three occasions,” he chided.

Mr Barrow told his supporters to ignore the opposition “because they have nothing to offer”.

Tourism minister Hamat Bah assured the president the people of Saloum will overwhelmingly vote for him.

He urged the people of Saloum to “ignore all rhetoric” coming from the opposition.

“The opposition will come here and tell you lies but don’t listen to them. The president is no match for any of the candidates. He is open to all. I want to urge the people of Saloum to cancel all their activities on December 4th  and go out in their numbers to vote for Barrow,” he said.

The National Assembly member for Nianija, Amadou Camara, said the Gambian leader has done enough to be given a second term. He challenged his people to ensure that they vote for President Barrow by a higher margin than in any other constituency in the December election.