Ba-Kawsu prophesied Barrow’s defeat

Ba-Kawsu prophesied Barrow's defeat


By Alagie Manneh

Self-acclaimed “big marabout” Ba-Kawsu Fofana has prophesied that NPP candidate President Adama Barrow will lose the December election and should agree to step down peacefully.

President Barrow had publicly declared that he is a “democrat” and will respect the sovereign wishes of Gambians at the polls.


Imam Fofana who declared his support for the UDP candidate Ousainu Darboe over the weekend stated: “At the next election, if God wills it, Darboe will be the president. UDP is a majority in this country. For those who say I am UDP, I belong to those who hold me in high esteem. Since the beginning of electioneering, no leader visited me to ask for my prayers. Even the party in government did not visit me. Only Darboe came to my house. So, in that regard, I mean a lot to them and therefore belong to them. But I love all the candidates and I will pray for all of them for the country to remain in peace.

“UDP is always supporting me and attending my events. Today they invited me to come and pray for them before they embark on their campaign. They want me to pray for them to achieve their desire which is power in the country. And I will pray for them, and they will have it because I am a big marabout. You will come to say in time that Ba-Kawsu’s prayers are always accepted,” he said. 

Imam Fofana urged President Barrow to be a good loser when defeated to avoid the fate of his predecessor Yahya Jammeh who has been banished into exile.

“Acceptance is peace, refusal is conflict, and it falls down on the one who refuses. God said He puts in and removes people from power. If you sit on the seat of power, you must know that you will be removed one day, whether by death, coup or election. I am telling the president to surrender and accept defeat when he loses the election. Let him not instigate any conflict when he is defeated, and that’s probably what has been destined. Let him and his cohorts not instigate any violence.”