Barrow reveals he advised IEC against election delay


By Tabora Bojang

President Adama Barrow has disclosed that he has made a personal plea to the Independent Electoral Commission advising them against delay in the upcoming presidential election.

It comes after the IEC announced the postponement of voter registration, sparking heightened debates among politicians.


“I want to inform all concerned political players that The Gambia’s presidential election will take place in December. Electoral matters are a great concern to this government because it’s about respect for democratic values and principles,” Barrow said at a meeting in Ebo-Town on Tuesday as part of his ongoing tour.

“I have discussed with the Independent Electoral Commission and also with our technicians and I have made it clear to them that whatever the case might be, they must ensure Gambians go to the polls by December 4th” he disclosed.

The president stated that his government is committed to upholding the constitutional requirements of the country in ensuring that it strengthens the democratic gains and respects for the rights of all Gambians.

“We want to do everything in accordance with the law and that was why we could not do anything to stop this ongoing tour because 2020 has been a difficult year. It shows we do not and will not joke with the constitution,” President Barrow added.

He said the 2021 election is expected to be very crucial in Gambia’s political history.

“It is going be a very important [election] and if you want us to continue the good works and further strengthen the peace and democracy, then rally behind this government and vote for the NPP president, chairmen, mayors, NAMs and councillors”

Barrow said since coming to power, his government has strived to make several democratic gains which include “judiciary independence, and non-executive interference in legislative matters”.

“Our judiciary is now independent, and I do not interfere in judicial cases. We have all seen a case [Ya-Kumba VS Barrow] which was attributed to the president but when the judgement went in the applicant’s way, it stood and that was never happening in the country. It manifests our judiciary is free. The National Assembly is free from executive interference and we have not and will not remove any civil servant for simply differing with our politics,” Barrow said.