Barrow unveils plans to transform Kiang


By Tabora Bojang

President Adama Barrow has pledged to transform Kiang with unveiling of a multi-faceted project that includes the construction of the Kiang West road, a mini-stadium, and upgrading of the Kiang West National Park into a first-class tourism attraction site.

The president made these disclosures during a meeting in Kiang Manduar as part of his ongoing nationwide meet the people’s tour.


Barrow described it as “shocking” how Kiang was neglected and cut off infrastructural development under the previous regime due to its close ties with the opposition, saying his government will accord the region everything it was unduly denied. 

“I will be coming back here in the next two months [ February] to lay the foundation stone for the construction of the Kiang West road and it will be a grand launching where we will be inviting everybody, including the doubters. During my last visit in Jali when I pledged to electrify Kiang, these people [doubters] started making noise on social media that I was just politicking but today this has come to reality. Let me inform you crooks only rest when they sleep or die and that is why it doubts me when people claim these leftists have any love for the country when they stand against development,” Barrow said.

The president also disclosed that the government is partnering with a private overseas company for the rehabilitation of the 10km Kiang West national park into a world class attraction site, which will also create employment for1000 youths.

“We will also be bringing animals that were never present here, including 13 elephants and a giraffe which I will personally receive from the airport and escort them here. This will commence in 2021 and all plans are ready,” Barrow stated.

The president added that the construction of a mini stadium in Manduar to be completed in three months is also expected to “commence soon.”

He urged Kiang to end being a sanctuary for opposition, saying the fight they had centrally taken part to remove dictatorship has been won. “The struggle is over and do not let anyone get you into a meaningless fight. What is left now is for us to support each other and develop the country.”

14 mosques electrified

Meanwhile, presidential adviser Siaka Jatta has disclosed that the president had personally intervened to fund the electrification of 14 mosques in the Kiang Central constituency.

“This was not made on request but a personal intervention by the president which demonstrates his commitment and love for his religion,” Jatta added.

However, Mr. Jatta who did not disclose the cost, said he [Jatta] presided over the transaction of all the meter forms with each costing D500. 

The political adviser, who after a brief consultation with the president later made a follow up announcement to state that plans are underway to electrify 3 other churches in the constituency, said Barrow is “committed to serve the welfare of all citizens irrespective of religious differences.”