Barrow urges native Jimara to remain loyal


By Amadou M Jadama on tour

President Adama Barrow on Friday made an emotional speech to a gathering of his own people from his native Jimara Constituency where he is currently spending his leave.
Addressing a large gathering at his native MankamanKunda when UDP leader Ousainou Darboe and tour party called on him, the President took his people on an emotional journey back memory lane, stating that the people of Jimara have always been inspiring and supportive of any government of the day and this includes both the Jawara and Jammeh regimes.

“I have a personal experience of this because when I contested for UDP as an opposition, Jimara people showed me they don’t support opposition parties and I will be surprised if they change now. However, life is all about changes and those changes enabled me, a Jimara resident to become the President,” Barrow told his audience.


Coming closer, President Barrow said he was and has always been a proud native of Jimara and will continue to do that through manners. “For a start I can raise my hand that I never fornicate people’s wives or daughters neither have I got myself involved in fighting of any sort,” Barrow said.

He also assured his people that he does not need to campaign in Jimara because the people know him very well and what he stands for. Barrow advised all elected leaders, be they councilors or MPs or president, to serve all citizens without discrimination.

On his part, the leader of the UDP Ousainou Darboe said the people of Jimara should realise that the majority of Gambians supported and still support Barrow, urging them not to be left behind.
Jimara is a strong base for the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress whose leader Mamma Kandeh won the seat in the last parliament while his candidate won the seat in the current parliament.”