Police arrest 51 suspects in night raids


By Omar Bah

The Gambia Police Force Anti-Crime Unit on Sunday arrested 51 suspected criminals, the Public Relation Officer, David Kujabi told journalists yesterday.
Kujabi said 18 out of the 51 arrestees are Senegalese while the rest are from The Gambia, Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast.

He said the men and women were arrested by the newly established anti-crime unit commanded by Chief Superintendant Gorgy Mboob in response to the public outcry over an increase in crime rate around the country.


Spt Kujabi said the arrestees are suspected of engaging in criminal activities ranging from robbery, attempted robbery to theft.
“We have people who are believed to be involved in hypnotizing or Marabout fraud, others found idling at places where they could not give enough reasons why they were there as well as young ladies whom we believed are involved in collecting information to share with criminals who eventually go out and carry out crimes,” David told journalists.
Kujabi said they have also arrested people who are known for breaking into people’s cars and stealing valuables.

“We also have 12 people who we believed are buyers of stolen items. I must also add that we have 18 people who are Senegalese found in an abandoned place and they could not explain why they were there neither could they produce any documents to verify their nationality. They have been handed over to the immigration officers so that they can screen them,” he said.

Kujabi said the police are themselves surprised by the sudden increase of crime in the Gambia because nothing has changed given the status quo within the police.
Asked when they are going to be taken to court, PRO Kujabi said: “We have to build a case for every single one of them, statements would have to be taken, investigations would have to be made; we have to gather enough evidence to be able to prefer the appropriate charges….This is not child’s play.”