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BB Dabo returns

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By Lamin Cham The former vice president and minister of finance Bakary Bunja Dabo is the latest among the high profile returnees from exile. Mr Dabo landed at Banjul International Airport Thursday amid a tumultous welcome from family, friends and ordinary Gambians, who remembered the former politician’s credible standing in the society.”My good brother is back. I am so happy. All our good people are coming back,” said one of the many people who received Mr  Dabo. Mr Dabo comes from Dumbuto vilage in Kiang West and served in the banking, diplomatic and political scenes rising to vice president from 1982 to 92.  He was very popular and respected among his people in Kiang and nationally. His campign slogan then was a simple three-word sentence written under his photo which read; ‘Demba is OK’. He was minister of finance at the time of the July 94 coup and was the only former cabinet minister to be invited back to work by former President Jammeh. The two fell apart almost immedaitely apparently because of Dabo’s uncompromsing principle to safeguard national interest though Jammeh later accused him of masterminding the November 11 ‘coup’ plot. Shortly after, he left the country in what his Badibunka cousins say was on the pretext of going to a Gamo. Dabo has since said he left by the main highway and in broad daylight. He never returned since that day 22 years ago, a move many praised because his replacement Koro Cessay was found dead, burnt in car in a suspected muder case. He too was rumoured to be uncompromising in his job. Mr Dabo is our Bantaba Guest which can be found on page 3.]]>

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