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BB Darboe vows to rescue PPP from chaos

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By Omar Bah

A former vice president under the PPP regime Bakary Bunja Dabo, BB, has vowed to put back the party on course to a full recovery.

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Addressing about a dozen leaders of different women Kafos from West Coast Region, Mr Dabo reminded his supporters that the party is going through some trying times.

“The PPP as we speak is at a crucial stage and we have to be honest with the fact that for 22 to 25 years things were difficult in the party and during that period a lot has happened and to bring the party together we will need to tighten our belts and do it with patience and diligence, especially now that we are again facing unforeseen circumstances within us which led to a court case,” he said.

BB said though he is in full support of those who took the matter to court the case does not mean a lot to him.

“But I also believe that if you want to put a party like the PPP on the right footing you have to do it through due process. The outcome of the December congress was not transparent.”
Mr Dabo has lost that congress to Papa Njie whose election is being challenged in court by people close to Mr Dabo.

BB concluded by reminding his supporters that they will need to be dedicated and ready to offer their services to the nation. The BB camp despite losing a controversial congress to Papa Njie has set up a taskforce which has been going round the country to introduce BB Dabo and the supposed rebirth of the party.

Explaining their mission to the former vice president, the women mainly from Ba-Sillah Kafo of Brikama Mansaring- Su claimed they have rejected alleged inducement from the Barrow Youth for National Development to pledge loyalty to BB Dabo’s PPP.

The group which visited BB Dabo at his Fajara residence on Sunday said they decided to join the former vice president because of his impeccable record in Gambian politics.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Fatou Ceesay said on Saturday the Barrow Youth for National Development came to Brikama Mansaring-Su to meet the Ba Sillah Kafo in an attempt to convince the group to join them after they (BYM) knew that BB Dabo’s taskforce has visited the community.

“They brought kola-nuts and money to induce us but most of us have given our words to BB Dabo and refused to attend the meeting because we are no more interested in supporting Barrow,” she said.

She assured BB that the people of Brikama are fully behind him.

Madam Ceesay said they are convinced that the future of the PPP lies in the hands of BB Dabo.

Also speaking at the meeting on behalf of Kombo South, Yanbi Touray said few politicians can rival BB Dabo’s integrity.

He said BB is a man of impeccable character and is the only person who can help the country fulfill its Singapore dream.

The Standard contacted Musa Ndow of the BYND who dismissed the women’s claim as unfounded.

“Neither the BYND nor the fan club operates like that. No one is induced or forced to join.

In fact, there are no funds for such inducements,” he noted.

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