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Belgian promoter – Gambia is a land of possibilities

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Originally from Antwerp, one of the largest cities of Belgium, the renowned music promoter formed Little Zion, a company that combines entertainment and educational or business projects in The Gambia, is also a booking agent for many local and international artistes. 

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Speaking of his organisation’s plans to bring a top Gambian artiste based in Belgium called Heartwash to The Gambia and help launch his new Album called Tasito, the 21-year-old told The Standard: “Heartwash is coming here to promote his new album-Tasito. The album is all about empowering yourself and working towards achieving your goals. The tour is also going to help Gambian youths with some parts of the profit. Myself with Little Zion have an educational centre in Sukuta and part of the money is going there and also into other projects to help youths to empower themselves and to find better employment.

Giving background on his stay in The Gambia and the reason behind his initiative, De Beule said: “I am living in The Gambia. I love The Gambia and Africa. I love The Gambia because I see it as a unique country in Africa. I see it as a country of possibilities. Maybe some Gambian youths would like to go to Europe but for me I ran away from Europe. There are a lot of possibilities here in The Gambia. There are a lot of things that are here and not in Europe and maybe because they [young people] don’t know. The Gambia is full of possibilities.

 “Gambian artists will benefit from this tour because everywhere we will be going to their will be Gambian artists there to perform. Like the 20th of September we are going to play at Jokor Brikama and Benjamin is coming their  and in Latrikunda also there will be Nova and Bro K who are also from around that area. The profits from the tour will go to charity and to good causes. With Little Zion we are all about entertainment and educational programmes.” 


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