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Book on educational research culture launched

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By Oumie Mendy

The Educational Research Network for West and Central African (ERNWCA) office in the Gambia has launched a book titled “The Emergent Educational Research Culture in The Gambia”.

The book authored by Yves Benett has for the past decades served as the Scientific Adviser to ERNWACA The Gambia Chapter. The book challenges the culture of research and promotes educational research as well as ensures Educational research will not lapse into obscurity.

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Honourable Halifa Sallah, the chief launcher, said research, education and culture are indispensable in nation development and without the development of educational research, informed and knowledge-based policy-making and educational practice would be conceivable

“The need for us not to be left behind in the debate on the significance of educational research for knowledge is universal and we must also contribute to its development,” he said.

He stated that the book is divided into two parts that look into the issue of research in educational policy and research in general and other elements which are relevant to educational development in the Gambia.

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In his review, the writer’s vision of education research for policy-making is to provide the expertise without directing the objective of the research.

“This chapter deals with educational research for policy-making in education and leaves us to decide for ourselves what to get from it and utilize it to promote own research into policy-making in education,” he added.

Dr. Burama L. J. Jammeh, Chairman, Scientific Committee, Educational Research Network for West and Central Africa (ERNWACA) – The Gambia Chapter said the book grew out of his frustration at realising that his commissioned educational research reports were not always disseminated widely to stakeholders.

“it dawned on me that such a shortcoming in the organisation of educational research in The Gambia should be addressed: for it seemed to me that Education practitioners and policymakers seeking an understanding of the way educational research is undertaken and enacted need access to my reports.

“The impetus for me then was to offer some guidance about the research process and organization in education by publishing this particular body of research reports in a compendium which would contain the summaries of these reports” he said.

Dr. Jammeh said the book written from a historical perspective shows how ERNWACA Gambia Chapter has been contributing to the strengthening of the Policy Research Interface in education in the country and to the emergence of a research culture in the Education Sector.

He said the specific objective of the book is to pass on knowledge and understanding of ERNWACA’s approach to research as a National Center for Educational Research.

According to Dr. Jammeh, the summaries are presented by 5 sub sectors and 15 research studies that were undertaken by ERNWACA. He noted that the book covers only from 1999 to 2014.and it is intended to updated to include the 2022 research works.

The compilation of this book was done by the author, Dr. Yves Benett (the scientific adviser to ERNWACA Gambia) in collaboration with Mr. MakaireNjie

Founding member, former National Coordinator, and currently the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Dr. Kenneth O. Igharo said ERWACA is a transnational research work which is key in national development.

The credibility and authenticity of a research work enables stakeholders to make concert reference with those research works and make informed decisions, adding that the research work of the network is here to stay for a positive impact.

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