Book titled President Barrow launched


By Omar Bah  

The Minister of Women’s Affairs overseeing the office of the Vice President, Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang over the weekend launched a book titled ‘President Barrow- the Making of a New Gambia’ at the Kairaba Beach Hotel.

The book which is written by two prominent UDP supporters, Amadou Taal and Ebraima Manneh, is centred on President Adama Barrow, the death of Solo Sandeng, the role played by Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang in the making of the Coalition, jailing of the UDP executive and role played by ECOWAS among others.
“I must express my deep and personal appreciation to the authors, for having been able to capture these crucial events and analyse them in a coherent and logical manner for the benefit of the readers,” said Minister Tambajang.


She said the book reminds her of the recent award given to Conakry by UNESCO as the 2017 world book capital, “I want to seize the opportunity to encourage Gambians to emulate this shining example of our sister country of Guinea Conakry.

“I am aware of the fact that there is quite a number of Gambian writers and I am sure that with some concerted efforts between them and the ministry of higher education, Banjul can soon be a book capital,” she stressed.

She said the book, among other things, talks about the urgent need to map out a development path which could bring about sustainable development even beyond the pre-1994 performance.
“I have no doubt that with this new dispensation, we will start to think of regional possibilities of cooperation and sustainable welfare of our entire sub-region,” she said.

She said what happened in the country and the pivotal role played by the sub regional neighbours is a clarion call that the ultimate survival of Africans lies in coming together.
Madam Tambajang also took time to thank all her fellow women who contributed in the struggle to end Jammeh’s 22-year rule and all the departed souls of the struggle.

The co-author and Gambia’s Ambassador-designate to the US, Ebraima Manneh said when his colleage told him the idea of writing a book about President Adama Barrow and the movement that led to his election, he immediately thought that it will be a good idea because they are fully aware of what happened.

“From that point we know we will be able to make a good job out of it and I hope anyone who reads the book will concur with what we believe. I will also like to thank all those who have in one way or other contributed in the success of the book,” he said.