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Ahmadiyya Amir speaks on peace at Jalsa Salana

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By Amadou   M. Jadama

Baba F Trawally, the Amir of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at has said that Islam is a perfect code of life as well as a peaceful religion.

Presiding over the 41st Jalsa Salana held at Masroor Senior Secondary School in Old Yundum over the weekend, Amir Trawally said “Islam teaches non- violence, persecution or killing and those perpetrators who are causing havoc and destructions in the world, killing innocent people in the name of Islam are following their own low desires and interests but not in the name of Islam and the prophet Muhammad (SAW).”
He added: “It is because of such people that Islam is being unjustly accused and blamed for all the troubles of the world and portrayed as a religion of violence.”

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He said Jihad means truly reforming oneself but not to go about taking innocent lives and destroying properties. According to the Amir, the purpose of the convention is to strengthen and link individuals with their creator, Allah Almighty.

“This relationship could only be firmly established by following the Divine Message-the Holy Qur’an.”
He enjoined Muslims to follow this perfect Book, the Quran, and also said that the Prophet lived so peacefully with people of other faiths in Medina, that he won the title of being the most perfect and just ruler to have ever lived. “Using the Quran he treated all fairly with justice and fairness,” the Amir said.

He further preached for sympathy, compassion, love and care for the needy, poor, prisoners and wayfarers, and pure heart of forgiving all of which are manifests of the Prophet. “The Prophet forgave his arch enemies who meted all kinds of harsh treatments and atrocities upon him, his family and those of his devoted and sincere followers.”

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Commenting further, he said: “The Holy prophet Muhammad Mustafa laid down fundamental rules which safeguarded the rights of all citizens of Medina be it Muslims, Jews and others, hence they lived together in peace and harmony.

“As true Muslims, we should always follow the true teachings of Islam and the noble practices of the Holy prophet Muhammad by spreading peace, love and harmony in the society.”
He further said that Islam is a religion that encourages participation in national development as the Holy prophet Muhammad said love for one’s nation is part of faith.  “So as citizens, we should all actively participate in the spiritual, moral and socio-economic development of our beloved country,” Amir Trawally urged.

For his part, Omar Amadou Jallow, minister of Agriculture, who represented the government at the annual convergence, said The Jama’at has contributed immensely in education, health and other areas.
Hon Jallow added that the “Jamaat is here to stay as far as this government is concerned.”

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