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Bulock plants 17,000 trees to fight climate change

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By Fatou Saho

In an attempt to curb climate change, the Bulock Kapongha Youth Development Association Saturday embarked on a massive tree-planting exercise. The exercise supported by the CMA-CGM shipping company started in 2017 and has now yielded 17,000 trees aimed at combating climate change and global warming in The Gambia.

The villagers poured out in large numbers to support the exercise, which has received massive commendation among the elders of the village.

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The deputy youth adviser to the president, Lamin K Saidy, said the exercise is commendable, adding that the young people of Bulock should be encouraged to keep up the excellent work.

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“This should have been a government-led initiative, but it is also our duty as youth, societies, and communities to lead this kind of initiative,” he said.

He urged the young people to remain united and consistent with such meaningful exercises, adding that the president is committed to creating an enabling environment for young people to realise their potential.

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The Bulock Youth Association’s Secretary, Alieu Jammeh, said Saturday’s exercise marked the sixth time of their tree planting exercise, which has now reached 17,000.

“We planted different types of trees, including mahogany, pine, cashew, baobab, rosewood, and a host of others,” he said.

Jammeh added that 2,000 trees were planted this year alone.

Gorel Patrick Samatey, the managing director of the CMA-CGM company, expressed gratitude to the people of Bulock for their commitment to reviving the village community forest.

He said that the world’s third-largest shipping company, CMA-CGM, will continue to participate in important exercises such as tree planting and other development-oriented undertakings.

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