CEO hails Gambia’s ‘mature business environment’


In an exclusive interview with The Standard, Mr Njie said Gambian business people have the ability to attract large-scale foreign investment through an efficient national franchise setup. 

“The partnership between the American Chamber of Commerce and the US Embassy to lend support to The Gambia’s business environment is strong. This makes it prudent for us to encourage Gambian investors who are looking to explore possible partnerships in the franchising business in the United States. 

“Next month, we are going to the US with a delegation headed by the president of AmCham and hopefully with US Embassy officials to look at what is available there. We are looking at franchising and pushing it to make sure that Gambians look at this sector as a way of attracting businesses from outside the country. It is not impossible especially when you have the funds and put in trading. But trading is not the most reliable thing and sometimes you have to look at other activities that have gained prominence around the world. Gambian business people do have the capacity and ability to attract more foreign investment especially those that have high influence around the world,” he said.


According to him, The Gambia has a crucial role to play especially in terms of promoting enterprise development through an effective franchising model in the country. He said his institution had been active in promoting trade and investment between The Gambia and the United States.

“We are looking for the best possible opportunities in the United States and to take advantage of these opportunities especially in franchising as the best option in enterprise development. It is not impossible to tap into these opportunities but rather an option of taking some risks to make your business grow. We have been organising sensitisation seminars to make sure that Gambians become fully equipped and aware of franchising opportunities for businesses with the support of the US Embassy. The Gambia as a country provides fantastic opportunities and ingredients for businesses to thrive. This is very critical in our development drive and AmCham will continue to promote enterprise development through an effective national franchise set-up.”  


By Lamin Njie