City Link Ostend-Banjul launches project worth over 3 million euros


By Olimatou Coker

As part of the European Union project, City Link Ostend-Banjul team disclosed a project worth 3 million which involves planting of 5000 trees along the coastline of Banjul.

City Link Ostend-Banjul partnership for sustainable city development is funded by European Union under the 2018 EuropeAid called Authorities: partnership for sustainable cities.


The objective of the project is to strengthen the urban governance capacity of Banjul City Council (BCC) by developing efficient public service for the city of Banjul.

Under the greening Banjul component of the project, one of the planned activities is the planting of 5000 coconut trees on the beach of the capital with the aim to prevent coastal erosion and desertification, said EU Ambassador to the Gambia, Attila Lajos.

Ambassador Lajos said the coconuts will be engine for economic growth and contribute to food security within the city.

He said climate policy must include not only ambitious measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also concrete investments at local level to remove carbon already in the atmosphere. “Trees are nature’s own carbon removal engines,” he said.

He said investing in planting and sustainably managing trees could remove large amounts of carbon dioxide while creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, many more jobs per Dalasis or EURO spent than in carbon intensive industries like oil or gas aviation.

He stated that, the project goes beyond coastal protection and mitigating climate change. “It is extremely encouraging to see the Banjul City Council invest in the knowledge and skills of its staff and councillors within the framework of Future Proof Banjul and to acknowledge the importance of a sustainable city waste management system.”

Annette Camara, the communication officer of City Link Ostend Banjul project, said the project is here for Banjul.

“The project is a 3million euros project which is here for Banjul and the Banjulians to ensure that Banjul is transformed into a modern city and when we say a modern city, it means a beautiful city and not just beautiful but a green city that will be sustainable and also to ensure that good governance through service delivery as promised to the citizens,” she explained.

Mamlie Jassey, Project Coordinator, stated that the project covers good governance, waste management, health, agriculture, rejuvenate Crab Island into a business centre and radio stations as well as establish a theatre and music hall.

He added that the project is aimed at uplifting Banjul, adding that they hope to implement the project to the fullest.

Omar B. Touray, deputy mayor Banjul City Council on behalf of Banjulians thanked the funders, while urging all to take ownership of the project for its sustainability.