‘All coalition parties signed MoU’


By Omar Bah

Mr Halifa Sallah has said that all the parties in the Coalition have signed the transition MOU.
Speaking at a press conference in his office yesterday after retuning from his European tour, the PDOIS leader said the three-year transition was signed by all the parties and that President Barrow offered himself as an independent candidate of a Coalition government, “to serve for only three years.”

“Therefore it should be recorded properly – and I would come to conclusion now that I didn’t want to revisit this issue again – because when everything is plain there is no need to repeat something. But when others are trying to transform fiction into history, you have to continue repeating,” he said.


Adding: “It is a scientific fact that when falsehood is repeated unremittingly, eventually the false will become the truth and the truth will become the false… and some are utilising that in order to reinvent history.”
He said the UDP leader Ousainou Darboe didn’t sign the agreement, “because he was in prison.”
“But you can imagine his people coming to these negotiations, how they must have felt; how would they would have carried that weight of guilt if they had refused to embark on a Coalition and then we failed to remove the incumbent, what would have happened to their party,” he questioned.

He said it is high time for Gambians to move from writing history and be history makers.
“For me it doesn’t matter who takes ownership of that glory, what matters now is history has been made and Gambia has changed forever,” he said.

Still on the transition agreement, Sallah said respecting the three-year transition agreement totally resides in the hands of President Barrow to honour or not to honour.
“I want to make it very clear that PDOIS doesn’t take this as an issue. Whatever decision President Barrow takes is left to him; we are not planning to take to the street to protest against any decision he takes on this issue,” he clarified.

The Serekunda NAM further recalled that it is important for all Gambians to understand without that agreement, “we would not have the type of Coalition that we had and most likely we may have gone our separate ways.”
“It is also important for Gambians to note that when the incumbent resisted, no political party or ethnic group called its members to march to the State House to remove the incumbent. That is history irrefutable,” he said.
Sallah said he thanked Dembo Bojang, Aji Yam Secka and Alagie Darboe, of whom he said, if they hadn’t risen up to the occasion, “the history we will be writing now would not have been the history of glory.”