Conflicting testimonies worry Faraba commissioners


By Alagie Manneh

The Commissioners looking into the June 18th deadly shooting of three protesters in Faraba have said the testimonies so far have been riddled with inconsistencies.
Their comment followed yet another contradiction yesterday when Sergeant Samba Ndong of the Police Intervention Unit told the Commission that contrary to what his colleague Sgt Alieu Camara said, he [Camara] was present at the scene in Faraba on June 18.
Sergeant Alieu Camara had denied he was present on the ground.
However, his colleague Sergeant Samba Ndong said that testimony was wrong, telling the commissioners that he saw Sergeant Camara at the scene.


“He [Sergeant Camara] was there during the confrontation,” he said.
Testifying further, Sergeant Ndong said he never fired his rifle as it remained intact before its handing over at the armory, and added that he never heard any gun shots while in Faraba.
Ndong also revealed how PIU officers stoned back at the protesters, but testified he does not know whether or not those stones injured any civilian.

Another witness Famara Jarju, a native said the VDC initially agreed for Julakay to mine in Faraba and it was based on that agreement that he gave his permission for Julakay to carve an access road to the mining area, which is near his family compound.
“Then the VDC came and asked Julakay, through me, to stop its activities. By then we were already benefitting monetarily from Julakay. So that presents a problem,” he stated.
Sittings continue.