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The executive sectary of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission, Dr Baba Galleh Jallow has said that contrary to some people’s views that the appointment of Alagie Barrow, one of the December 30th attackers on Jammeh’s State House, may not give the process credibility the opposite could be the case.
“We believed with the right experience of military intelligence, Alagie Barrow could in fact give the work and process credibility,” Dr Jallow told Fatu Network.
According to the TRRC executive secretary, Alagie Barrow was appointed from a list of candidates and in the opinion of the majority of panel, he is the best for the job of leading the investigations as prescribed.
Asked if Mr Barrow finds himself in a conflict of interest when faced with investigation into the December 30th attack in which he lost colleagues, Dr Jallow said December 30th is just one aspect of the matters to be dealt with by the commission and any case Barrow could recuse himself when and where necessary.

According to Dr Jallow, they are aware of the opinions being expressed against the decision to appoint Alagie Barrow but whereas he is not intending to respond directly to anyone of them, the most important thing is to do what they think is the best thing and move on until history proves them wrong.
Alagie Barrow was among US-based Gambians who organised and launched an attack on State House on 30th December 2014 in which the former government claimed some were killed in the exchange of fire. He was last week appointed director of research and investigations at the TRRC.