CORRECTION-Diplomatic passport scandal


In our news article “Diplomatic Passport Scandal: Witness said he paid $3,400 to president’s ex-driver” published on 19th October 2022, we reported the following: “[Bakary] Susso (prosecution witness) said in order to expedite the process, Sumareh initially requested US$800. This he said was followed by the payment of US$2,000 when he visited Sumareh’s house were he met the second accused Ebrima Sanneh who was at the time working at the protocol office at the foreign ministry and was told was working on processing the passport.”

It has been brought to our notice by Mr Sanneh and his legal representative that he was not at Mansa Sumareh’s house when Mr Susso made the alleged payment to Mr Sumareh.

Court records confirm that Mr Susso said he met with Mr Sanneh after this payment while he was following up on getting the diplomatic passport allegedly promised to him by Mr Sumareh but NOT at Mr Sumareh’s house where he made the alleged payment of US$2,000.


The devil’s error is regretted for this misreporting of the fact.