Court orders fraudster to pay D105,000 or go to jail for 10 years


By Aisha Tamba

Principal Magistrate Isatou Janneh-Njie yesterday ordered one Karanta Darboe to pay D105,000 in default to serve 10 years, 6 months in imprisonment.

Darboe from Sukuta was charged with 19 counts and found guilty of ten.


Darboe has been found guilty of obtaining forged notes, obtaining credit by false pretences and obtaining money and goods through false pretences and theft.

Magistrate Janneh Njie said the punishments attached to the offences are seven years for purchasing forged notes; one year for obtaining credit by false pretences; three years for obtaining goods and money by false pretences; and fives years for theft.

However, she acknowledged the convict’s medical condition as he had undergone major surgery. “This court also takes notice of the prison conditions at Mile 2 as was referred to by counsel. There is poor diet and poor ventilation in Mile 2. The convict himself has stated that while in Mile 2 he could not go for his medical appointments. No evidence to the contrary has been made by the prosecution,” the magistrate explained.

She pointed out that Darboe has a record of conviction and the court has a duty to punish the convict for the offences he is found guilty of. “[But] I believe the court has a positive obligation as well to safeguard life,” she noted.

She therefore ordered Darboe to compensate the following victims for their material losses: Ousman Conteh D12,360; Amadou Barry D9,300; Bijoux Gomez D29,500; Binta Marong D24,500; Lamin Kanyi D5,150; and Derrick Rowley D15,608.

“If the convict defaults on anyone payment, the whole outstanding sum shall become due and failure of payment, the convict shall be arrested and sent to Mile 2 to serve the default imprisonment term,” she announced.

After delivering her judgment, the magistrate warned the convict that she heard of his threats towards her while he was in Mile 2 and reminded him that she had “nothing personal” against him and was just doing her job without any fear or favour.  Darboe vehemently denied making any such threats.