Dalaba Estate armed robbers strike again, 2 captured


By Lamin Cham

Two weeks after robbing a house at Block E at Dalaba Estate, the same set of thieves has struck again targeting the same victim, Sheikh Tijan Sallah. This time the robbers visited his mother’s house just behind the estate where they did away with the old woman’s jewelry.

However, according to the victim, two of the robbers including one suspected to be among the first gang, were captured. “One of them who identified himself as Mohammed Mbye broke his leg while trying to escape from the storey building they robbed. He was admitted at Ndemban Clinic where his damaged leg was amputated later in the day. His fellow captive, who claimed his name is Mohammed Faal, is being held by the police investigating the matter,” Sallah told The Standard.


He added: “These robbers were 6 in number and they attacked by mum’s house at 4am on Thursday terrorising her and my other wife and niece who live there. When my mum shouted ‘thieves’, the robbers themselves shouted ‘thieves’ and deceived her to believe that they were neighbours who came to help her. When she opened the door, they entered and ransacked everywhere stealing her jewelry and an unspecified amount of money.”

He disclosed that while the robbery was on upstairs, his wife quietly called him on the phone and he too alerted the neighbours before rushing to the house where, with the help of neighbours, two of the six robbers were captured. “The remaining four escaped but one threw himself from the storey building and got very badly hurt while the other was captured much easily. We referred both to the Latriya police who now transferred the case to Yundum. The one whose leg was hurt was admitted at Ndemban where he was amputated yesterday afternoon,” Mr Sallah said. He said what is interesting is that one of the captured robbers appeared to be part of the first gang, which robbed his house two weeks ago. ”A neighbor also showed me CCTV footage of a man with striking resemblance to the same man,” Sallah said. He said most of the robbers are definitely Senegalese but one of the captured ones is believed to be a Gambian.

”It is very scary because these robbers go with deadly weapons like cutlasses and are always often intoxicated and too dangerous,” Sallah said.

A police source told The Standard that they are investigating a robbery case in the area but gave no further details.