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Darboe says ditching of Nasirudeen title sign of Jammeh’s contempt for SIC

In an exclusive interview with The Standard at the high court of The Gambia during a lull in proceedings yesterday, he alleged: “It has become clear to all that Jammeh has refused to use the Nasirudeen title which the Supreme Islamic Council has given to him. When it was given to him for the first time he refused to use it as part of his titles. Then he started using it for a while and dropped it all of a sudden from all the titles he had which is a sign of his rejection of the Supreme Islamic Council.

“We have had great people in The Gambia who have made great contributions to the religion of Islam including Hatab Bojang of Gunjur and Omar Bun Jeng whose sermons can still be heard on the radio. We had people who led great marabout families likes the ones in Jarra Barrow Kunda, Darboes in Bakalarr, Kantehs in Siffoe and Kuntin among others. We have had the likes of Kang Khalifa Jabbie of Jarra Barrow Kunda who was the first person to translate the Holy Qur’an into the Mandinka language. That man has made a massive contribution to Islam in this country. Why would they overlook the contribution of all these people only to have their title rejected…”

Mr Darboe said the council president and his executive should draw salutary lessons from the rejection of their title.

He added: “This is a wake-up call to the head of the Supreme Islamic Council, Momodou Lamin Touray, to reassess and do things in a proper way that serves the interest of the religion rather than doing things for political reasons…”


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