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Designers brace up for Fashion Weekend Gambia 2017

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Fashion Weekend Gambia is an annual celebration of afro inspired fashion that comes around towards every end of the year. The event came to fill the gap that has been open far too long when it comes to showcasing Gambian fashion and its brilliance, difference and distinct nature.

This year not being an exception, still has a sense of newness and even bigger aim. The improvements have been quite astounding from year to year and this upcoming one will be a crowning of all the ones that have passed. The 1st and 2nd of December 2017 FWG will unveil this beautifully put together concept from some of the smartest and innovative fashion designers and minds behind the event.

FWG came out of brilliance, out of smart moves, out of creative minds. From a desire to show the creativity and ingenuity of designers who hardly ever had a platform to show the world there beautifully crafted designs that were born and nurtured in the smiling coast. The event has since gone to achieve global recognition in and out of the fashion world.

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Even though FWG has always had a touch of the international fashion world by inviting designers from beyond the Gambian border, they have always kept it small so Gambians designers can have a bigger Space to shine. That’s changing this year; the management has decided to select some outstanding international designers. This move will make it possible for local designers to meet up with others who have been doing it big in their backyards and in doing that there is collaboration, new experiences and of course a much more amazing and colourful show!

FWG has not been absent in the formulation of a unique aesthetic for the smiling coast. And in the age of new Gambia it’s only fitting that this continues; to brand, promote and sell a fashion that’s distinctly ours to the world. Showing up then at any of our events is to push this cause. See you there!
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