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Dou Sanno says Kandeh driven by politics of grudge

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By Lamin Cham

Presidential adviser and NPP strongman Dou Sanno has asked the leader of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress to graduate from his personal grudge against President Barrow and clarify to the nation what his politics stands for.

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Speaking to The Standard at the NPP national bureau in Churchill’s Town, Sanno, himself a native of Jimara as both Barrow and Kandeh, said the GDC leader’s 2002 victory over Barrow in the National Assembly election in Jimara has clouded his judgment to believe that he has eternal edge over Barrow in Jimara.

“Even that should be put into context because had the UDP not boycotted the 2007 National Assembly elections, Barrow was ready to take over Jimara. And in any case, the APRC eventually had to expel him [Kandeh] from the party which was not an honourable history,” Sanno said.

He charged that unlike many opposition politicians, most of whom have professions and businesses they can live on outside politics, Mamma Kandeh is “a politician whose survival depends on the number of rallies he organises to impress his donors to pump more monies to him. That’s how he lives. If his desire is to get money or position, let him come clean and approach the government so that he may be considered for a job he may be suitable for,” Sanno teased.

Mr Sanno however warned Mamma Kandeh that if he does not desist from making “wild allegations driven by jealousy and grudge against the president without advancing proofs, he risks losing both his credibility and even legal actions taken against him according to the laws of the country”.

GDC cross carpeters
According to Mr Sanno, GDC’s support base in the URR and most parts of The Gambia are “melting like lit candles” which would soon suffer a natural dousing. “His relevance and support is fading with the emergence of the NPP. Only a few days ago, I converted well over 1,600 GDC supporters to NPP and more are lined up. I think what Kandeh and his type should realise is that President Barrow under the NPP banner is an unstoppable lorry without brakes which must burst the 2021 elections with victory,” he concluded.

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