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Sanitation, hygiene and the rains!

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The rains are here! As a country largely dependent on agriculture, this is highly welcome. We hope and pray that the rain will be plentiful and constant in order for us, as a country, to register a bumper harvest. This is the wish of everyone. May the farmers smile, for it is then that the Smiling Coast will smile!



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It is a time; however, when our streets and settlements are inundated with water. There is flooding here and there. There is damage and destruction of properties by water which seeks ways to flow. It is the time that drivers splash water [sometimes filthy water] on pedestrians and quarrels erupt here and there. It is a time when vehicles are almost always submerged in water due to poorly constructed roads without proper sewerage systems. But we have to bear.



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Of recent however, it seems another problem has been added to the problem – the garbage everywhere. The waste collection in the country is becoming a problem. There is a lot of waste about in the country, particularly here in the urban areas. It is said that there is no authorized dump site where the waste can be deposited. The one that was available – the Bakoteh Dumsite – having become so problematic that it has been put on hold.



The proliferation of waste everywhere is indeed a cause for concern as it can be a health hazard in the community. If the water floods carrying along everything in its wake, it can move dirt from one place to another which can be a vehicle for germs and rodents and all what not. This may not augur well for the health of the public and in turn may put a huge burden on our health sector.



In view of the starting of the rainy season, and knowing the inconvenience this can cause to the general public; and given the health hazard it can – and may – cause the country, it would be advisable if government comes out with a plan to solve the problem of waste in the country. Stakeholders should be consulted and finance sought from development partners to map out ways of reducing this difficulty that the lack of a waste management system is causing.



Additionally, the poorly built roads should be looked at and measures taken to provide a proper sewerage system so that the water will not stagnate on the roads and cause motorist harm.

The rains are here!

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