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Egyptian business man takes stock as exhibition ends

images/Speaking in an interview with The standard at the end of the two week expo at Paradise suites hotel, he assessed:.

 “The Gambia is a very nice country but we have experienced a very low turnout of customers in the Egyptian exhibition. If I ask a lot of people why they are not coming to the expo, they would just say they don’t have money but it will be much appreciated if they come for window shopping to see Egyptian products. I have also given adverts to the television, five radios and few newspapers, even though many have seen the adverts but the only reason they give is that there is no money for shopping. This is the first Egyptian exhibition in The Gambia. It is so unfortunate but if there are not sufficient sales we may still take the risk to come again next year or not. 

The prices are very reasonable because it is the same price the items are sold in Egypt. Egyptians are willing to start businesses in The Gambia and I am not an exception because I am having a business in Egypt selling paints and tiles. I am planning to bring such a big business in The Gambia .I  thank Africell for being the main sponsors of the 2014 exhibition .We have been knocking on many doors but Africell has answered to our call at the right time. Although there were some communication barriers we have hired some Gambians to assist us in selling our products”.

Africell customer care agent, Abdoulie Sallah said his company as the leading GSM operator was pleased to take the lead to sponsor the 2014 exhibition, noting that they will continue to assist businesses.

“It is very good to have them here because some of the goods they brought are not available in The Gambia though the prices are bit different and the sales too poor which I thinks is due to inadequate advertising. The sales are not very bad but not as expected .We expect more people to come for shopping, we have reduced the prices of our products and given out more promotions for the course of the two weeks exhibition”, he said.


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