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Eschew fanaticism – Jammeh

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In his traditional Eid-ul-Fitr statement marking the end of Ramadan, he said: “It is only by doing so that we can live in peace and harmony. Simply put; read and understand the Holy Qur’an every issue about Islam and being Muslim is clearly spelt out in the Holy Qur’an!

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“The Muslim ummah is one big family and just as we reflect on our immediate neighbours during this holy month, we seize the opportunity to remember Muslims all around the world especially those living in conflict areas. Unfortunately, the untold suffering and hardship of Muslims is often inflicted upon them by their own brethren disguised as real Muslims but who in actual fact are sadistic lunatics and hypocrites who very wrongly carry out their heinous acts of killing and maiming the innocent in the name of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance and such actions can never be condoned by our glorious religion.

“…Let us reflect on the plight of the less privileged, the poor and those who continue to live in fear and deprivation caused by unnecessary wars and other afflictions. At this moment we remember our brothers and sisters in Northern Nigeria, Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, Central African Republic and other places. We pray for peace and normalcy to return to these places.”

He reiterated his call for hard work, honesty and above all fear of the Almighty Allah; “as these, shall always deliver us from temptation to indulge in all manner of evil deeds. All Gambians should heed my government’s clarion call for food self-sufficiency so that we can truly assert our independence, dignity and self-respect. We should continue to make use of the ample opportunities created by Government especially in the agriculture and fisheries sectors, as these sectors are not only key to food security but also to greater prosperity as we strive for economic superpower status. We can be assured of good health only when we know what we eat, produce what we eat and be in charge of what we eat.”

President Jammeh finally prayed for Allah “to continue to shower His infinite blessings, protection and guidance on The Gambia and true Muslims the World over as well as those that worship the one and Only Allah the Almighty other than the Muslim way.”


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