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EU, IDEA hold first training on legislative drafting for drafters


By Isatou Jallow

After the recent launch of the Consolidation of Democratic Dispensation in The Gambia [CODE] project by the European Union and the International IDEA, last week, the first active under the project held a two-day training on legislative drafting for drafters in the country. The training on legislative drafting for the legal drafting committee of the National Assembly and the drafting team of the ministry of Justice delegated to the National Assembly of The Gambia was funded by the European Union. The capacity building aims to strengthen the Assembly’s mandate in public scrutiny, legislation and monitoring of government’s excesses and conduct in governance. International IDEA for convening the first capacity building session of the European Union funded project to consolidate the democratic dispensation in The Gambia barely weeks after the project was officially launched. The Clerk of the National Assembly, Momodou Sise said the initiative shows the commitment of IDEA to not only ensuring the strengthening of our governance institutions but also to the ideals of good governance, democracy, and the rule of law. “I am also satisfied that this training exercise on legislative drafting is being conducted together with the Ministry of Justice with a view to improving the legal skills of our two institutions so that they can better support parliamentarians to perform their legislative function.” Enya Braun, the programme manager on governance cooperation of the EU delegation to The Gambia said, the first activity under the EU\IDEA CODE project is a clear testament to EU’s shared commitment for a stronger democratic Gambia She brought us to the light that the project concentrates on the efforts of the National Assembly, the National Human Right Commission, and the media.who potray a significant role, and together, they form a mindspring of functioning and thriving democracy. At the commencement of the initiative, Enya Bruan said, “I’m pleased to say, it is the result of dialogue and collaborative effort with our Gambian stakeholders. The decision of focus on the legislative drafting has been born outs of their insight” She believed the timing of the legal drafting could not have been more fitting. With Gambians occupied in vital reforms, including the resumption of the constitutional reform process and the security sector reforms, this initiative holds a phenomenal importance. She said, “our inspirations are high”and hopes that the members of the drafting team of the NA and the delegated drafting team of the MOJ to the National Assembly will feel better equipped for the task ahead. Ending her remarks, She expressed her “heartfelt appreciation to The Gambia for the peacefulness of democratic transition, in a very fragile and volatile environment.”

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