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Ex-soldier says Jammeh ‘regretted’ killing of 56 West African migrants

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By Aisha Tamba

A former military orderly to former president Yahya Jammeh has said Jammeh expressed regret over the killing of the 56 West African migrants and that he was misled by the security into believing they were mercenaries.

Testifying at TRRC yesterday, Saikou Jallow said members of the Junglers unit were committing crimes that Jammeh did not know of.

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According to him, he was close enough to Jammeh to the extent the president used to call him son.

He admitted being part of the commando team from which most of the Junglers were selected but dismissed claims that the Junglers were taking all their orders from Jammeh.

Jallow said Jammeh did not order for the killing of Almamo Manneh, instead ordered for his arrest. “Jammeh did not kill Almamo, he died in action. He was going to be arrested, unfortunately he took out his gun and tried to shoot the people who went to arrest him.”

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He admitted that Jammeh ordered the Junglers to burn a local newspaper office and kill lawyer Ousman Sillah.

He said Jammeh called Saul Badjie a coward because Badjie refused to “finish off” Sillah who survived the attempt on his life.

He said Jammeh confessed to him that Tumbul Tamba misled him into killing three of his family members (Haruna, Jarsaja and Massey Jammeh).

He intimated that Jammeh paid Tumbul Tamba for the killing of Daba Marenah, Ebou Lowe, Malafi Corr, and Alieu Bah who were suspected of complicity in the Ndure Cham coup.

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