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Ex-VP delivered Nyerere presidential lecture at Makerere


Former vice president Fatoumata Tambajang yesterday delivered the keynote address at the Julius Nyerere Annual Presidential Lecture at Uganda’s prestigious Makerere University.

Speaking on the theme “Celebrating Women, Pan-Africanism and Community,” Mrs Tambajang highlighted the systemic changes needed for women to become transformative leaders to effectively shape inclusive and equitable societies that Africa and humanity deserve. She said for Africa to fully grow, women and young people must be given the opportunity.

Addressing young women in an earlier forum, the self-styled Mother of the Gambian nation exhorted: “It is our responsibility as leaders, particularly female leaders, to share our knowledge, experiences, and journeys with the young women so that we encourage them.” 

She also challenged the women to first respect themselves if they are to earn public respect.

She saluted Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni for allowing her to enter the country without a visa, something she said should be adopted by all African nations.

“We’re talking about borderless Africa, [so] once the leaders are convinced that Africa should be one, we should be united. That’s where the journey should start. We should not have any visa restrictions to visit each other’s countries.”

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