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By Omar Bah

The Spokesman of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress Abdoulie Jallow who was on Wednesday expelled from the party has denied taking bribes from the governing National People’s Party to withdraw from the recent chairmanship race in Kerewan.

Mr Jallow was running as the official GDC candidate until a few days before the election when he suddenly withdrew.


The GDC announced Jallow’s expulsion Wednesday accusing him of withdrawing without informing the party which violates its code of conduct. 

Other sources in the parry alleged that Mr Jallow was induced to withdraw by the governing NPP.

However, confronted by The Standard about these allegations Mr Jallow denied receiving any inducement from the NPP and disclosed that his decision to withdraw was based on medical reasons. He said if he had wanted to join NPP he would have done so since, arguing that now is a very bad time to join NPP.

“I collapsed in one of my meetings in Kerr Cherno and was taken to hospital. The party was informed about that and it was three days later that Mamma Kandeh came to the hospital to see me. No one else from the party executive came to visit or call me. Also, I had no obligation to inform anybody about my withdrawal because from nomination to campaign, I paid for everything. Nobody gave me a butut,” he said.

Jallow said he is aware that the party had called a meeting but had no idea he was the subject of discussion.

“Also, none of the executive members attended my nomination. I did it entirely with my regional committee. It is false to state that Mamma Kandeh attended one of my rallies. Yes, Kandeh was in NBR on the first day of the campaign but his mission was to attend a victory celebration and since he attended that meeting, none of the executives attended any of my subsequent meetings. So, I am disappointed because the party has violated its own laws on discipline. But it is their decision and I take it in good faith,” he said.