Fatoumatta Sanyang


Age: 24
Status: Single
Star sign: Aquarius
Language: Mandinka, Wolof, English
Pet name: Nikki
Height: 6 feet
Work: Student
Course of study: Information Technology
Favourite Gambian politician: Hamat Bah, National Reconciliation Party
Why: The way he takes control and he makes sense in his own way
Favourite colour: Black
Favourite Gambian model: Awa Jammeh of Bakau
Best friend in the industry: Salimatou Sanneh
Favourite Gambian writer: Sheriff Bojang
Worst moment on the catwalk: FashionWeekGambia 2018 at Coco Ocean Resort. The runway was slippery. I was in my high heels and it was very uncomfortable.
Last book you read: The Diary of a Young Woman by Anne Frank
How do you spend your weekend: Hanging out with friends or reading a book
One thing you would like to change: The way people judge people. It creates confusion and disorder.
Dream: To be a successful actress
Dream holiday: Somewhere in Miami, Florida, USA.
Favourite quote: The grass is greener where you water it.
Do you support gay rights: No
Why: Because it’s unIslamic and no religion supports it.
Are you Islamic: Yes
Why don’t you wear the hijab: I haven’t made up my mind on that yet.