Finance minister speaks on Janneh Commission’s findings against him


By Omar Bah

The Minister of Finance and Economic affairs has denied involvement in corrupt activities under former president Yahya Jammeh.

The Janneh Commission had adversely mentioned Mambury Njie in many questionable financial transactions and advised the government to warn him against repeating these alleged wrongdoings.


But speaking on the ‘For the people by the people show’ over the weekend, Minister Njie said: “I think as far as I am concerned, those recommendations, I’m not aware of the fact that it was as dirty as it was put. I went to the commission and I defended my position and I explained. One thing the commission didn’t also reveal is the letter showed to me by the investigation which I have written to the government in 1997 drawing their attention to the way we managed our loans and grants. The commission even asked me how did I manage to highlight those issues at that dangerous moment. This is why I am saying everything was not out there for the public.”

“I think even former vice president Darboe did ask people ‘what has he done’, ‘do they have any evidence’? Their report is a report.

I think over and over it’s been revealed that I have said no to Jammeh on many times. But as public servants whatever you say is documented. If everything was revealed there, it would help people to know exactly how committed we are. I can tell you that I am not an enabler and I have never been an enabler. All I am saying is I am innocent. I am a public servant. I’m doing my work, I did my work and up to today I don’t think President Barrow would have taken a position not only to appoint me as managing director of GNPC, but to put me as minister of finance,” he added.

Further protesting his innocence, Njie, who also criticised the recommendations of the Janneh commission report, said he has never registered in any political party.

“We have a system in place including the international community. All the allegations, if they were confirmed to be true, I don’t think the international community and donor organisations would have continued to deal with me,” he said.