Flame Squad set to launch new single


The audio and video of the classic project, both exclusively produced by Joluv Arts Entertainment is expected to propel the career of the Squad to the next level as they look set to firmly stamp their feet on the music scene.

This is the third product Joluv Arts has produced for the trio and the partnership has borne productive results for the youngsters.

“I bet the video will be a great one,” Baks, a member of the group told journalists. 


He added: “People will love it. You will put it on replay if you start watching it.”

Sticky Boss, another influential rapper, said: “All is set for the launch of the highly anticipated video and that the fans will get the taste of the video when they attend the show as it will be repeatedly played on a projector for the fans.”

The CEO of Joluv Arts Entertainment, Mr Saul Sowe, expressed delight at the positive reactions the song has received. 

“The future is bright for Flame Squad and more developments are in the pipeline and the video clearly portrays the lyrics of the song.”