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‘Wototijay’ album launch soon

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Speaking to journalists at a press conference, the premium singer said: “The album I am coming to launch consists of 10 new tracks. Two years back, I did my first debut album called ‘Distinction’. This second album will be the most anticipated project I ever have done. Since I started, it has been going well.

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“The last album we were able to sell all the copies. I am not the type that chose music, music chose me. My parents are educationists and I did focus on education, but my passion for music got me into the studio. I speak different dialects to make my fans understand.

“I do music as a career not a hobby; it’s something I love to do. I believe music has no boundary or barrier. I don’t do one specific music, I fuse hip pop & afro manding.”

“I am really hoping this album will take my career to another level. “Aling Domo” and “Respectko” are the two major tracks and I will be shooting the video as well because I guess that will make a great impact in my music career.”


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