Foni GDC supporters show solidarity after chairman’s defection


By Alagie Manneh

Supporters of the Gambia Democratic Congress Wednesday evening gathered at the Baobab Holiday Resort in Bijilo to show solidary with party leader Mamma Kandeh, following the defection of its national chairman to the NPP.

The supporters, numbering at least 50, came from Foni Bintang, Berefet, Bondali, Kansala and Jarrol districts.


“We are here to show solidarity and to answer to the call of honourable Mamma Kandeh,” Alfusainey Barry, one of the supporters, told journalists.

He said the recent departure of their chairman did not shake the party at all, and that it was important to demonstrate their resolve to remain united in the Fonis.

“I want to tell Gambians that the cross-carpeting of Dr Demba Sabally to NPP did not disrupt or shake our party. We are even stronger today,” Barry said.

He added: “We like to let Mamma Kandeh know that, what is being said by Dr Sabally that he controls Foni and would weaken the GDC in Foni is false. It is nothing but empty talk. We are behind Mamma Kandeh and will remain so. No one else left with him.”

Isatou Mballow, who was also part of the group, coined a Mandinka phrase to describe what Dr Sabally’s departure means.

“Taking a droplet from the ocean does not ripple it at all. So, we remain confident of victory next year,” she said.

NAM Omar Ceesay, who took over from Dr Sabally, said the group wanted to show the world that the party remains intact.

“They want to show that despite the former chairman coming from the same area with them, it does not mean they, too, will be leaving the party. Not at all. In fact, some of them the national chairman found them in the party. This is the rationale behind it; to show the world they are still GDC,” Mr Ceesay explained. 

He said all political parties should be concerned about  the spate of ship-jumping in Gambian politics.

He explained: “The GDC is not the only party whose members are leaving. This has become normal now. It is politics. It is vice versa but we are very confident and hopeful we will make it.”

Mr Ceesay said the focus now is for the GDC to put its house in order. “[That’s what we should do to] prepare for the upcoming election. One thing I can assure you, the GDC will either lead the next government or form it,” a confident Ceesay stated.